Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Open can, add butter

So, the other day I posted a simple, anyone could do it, anyone could figure it out recipe.  Open english muffins, add sauce and cheese and pepperoni and bake.  It was not really meant as a how to, or anything, but more, this is what I do when I am too lazy to cook.

Sadly, apparently some people need those kinds of directions to cook.  Food Network has a recipe from Paula Deen that I think even the simplest person could figure out, without a recipe.  The comments, which are over the 250 mark, are absolutely hilarious to read.

It did, however, make me think of some of my own recipes, and made me wonder, do I sometimes give out instructions that would make a normal person say, well duh?  I mean, not on here, because I haven't really shared recipes, though if I got an indication that people wanted them, I would, but in real life, am I making people feel like I am talking down to them by giving them inane recipes.  Like, how to make a bowl of cereal.  Add cereal to bowl, then add milk, eat before it gets soggy.

May I never be that bad.

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