Monday, March 7, 2011

Meatless Monday

We have decided as a family to implement Meatless Monday.  I had heard about it while doing some papers for my WR122 class, which was an awesome class, and we read "The Omnivore's Dilemma", and I made changes to our diet.  We stopped eating as much meat, I became more aware of where our meat was coming from, and realized that by cutting out some meat, we would be healthier and have a bit more money to spend on good quality meat.

So, today was the first day we were going to do Meatless Monday.  It, to be honest, hasn't been a big priority for me, and so it took me this long to figure, why not, lets go for it.  Especially since Bart's blood pressure is up so high, and because we both want to lose some weight.  Also, I don't know what the heck happened, but meat prices rose really high, and to get a package of hamburger at my grocery store, one of the buy in bulk and save 5 pound packages, was almost $30.  I cannot see spending $30 on hamburger, at least not of the supermarket variety.  It's cheaper at my local butcher shop, which is in the next town over, making it not so convenient.

Ok, so back to meatless Monday.  Game plan for the day was to have burritos tonight for dinner, but not cook up any taco meat, just use refried beans, cheese, cole slaw, and sour cream.  Yes, we are strange, we love coleslaw in our burritos, and even the kids love it.  It is a nice tangy crunch in the burrito.  So, anyhow, that was the game plan.

This morning we got up, I made 10-grain hot cereal for Bart and I, and then I went off for my iron transfusion.  It took them 4 pokes to get an IV working, which actually took an hour, and so I didn't get home until almost noon, even though I got there at 8am.  Bart made lunch.  Macaroni and cheese, pork and beans and hot dogs.  There went meatless Monday.  I was still on track at this point, since all I ate was the macaroni and cheese, since the iron had really really upset my stomach.  Then, without thinking, I grabbed about 5 slices of premium salami and ate it.  Now I was also a meatless Monday failure.

Dinner time came, and it was time for burritos.  I had a small amount of hamburger in the fridge, so I fried it up, added taco seasoning, and then a can of pinto beans that had been packaged in a spicy tomato sauce.  That way I didn't use as much meat as we usually do, and it added a nice texture quality.  Then I laughed as I was making the rest of the dinner, because whenever we have burritos, I buy refried beans that actually have lard in them.  I get them in the mexican food aisle at the store, and they aren't one of the normal brands, but are part of the section of more traditional foods.  I realized, however, that lard probably made me fail Meatless Monday anyhow.

Next week we should do better.  I have some vegetable burger patties in the freezer that they were sampling at Costco when we went, that the kids ate and thought were fantastic.  And they aren't trying to be hamburgers, or chicken, or anything but vegetables.  Just in a patty form.  They tasted good, and I hope that the kids eating them wasn't just a hey look, its a sample, thing.

Tomorrow I continue on my spicy kick, and make chicken fajitas.  I'll probably actually make chicken fajita quesadillas.  I bought these little mini peppers because Ciera loves to eat them like apples, and so whatever I had left after making the fajitas she could eat.

Tomorrow I am making oatmeal bread in muffin tins so that I can take some to play group, and send some with Bart to school.  I have 2 weeks of school left, and last week I was to turn in a observation paper observing a child aged 3-6.  I didn't get it done, what with the DR appointments, the iron transfusion, the ultrasounds, the ER visits, etc.  So, I'm turning it in late.  Which sucks, but I can't wait to be taking classes that will get me going with the culinary arts.  Which, not happening next term.  Next term is Beginning Business, Nutrition(kinda counts, right?) and world archeology.  And I am going to Disneyland next term.  I'm so glad that whole trip is paid for already.  We just have to have money saved for food, and we will put aside a chunk of our disbursement for that.

Off to bed.  Any recipes anyone would like me try to make?  And yes, this is a shameless way for me to try and get comments and see if anyone is reading.  :)

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  1. Great blog. Love all the food pics. Your blueberry muffins looked fantastic. At the beginning of the year I have made some major lifestyle changes concerning food and would love to see some more of your healthy recipes especially dinner ideas. Thanks!!


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