Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tres Leches Cake, lot's of pictures.

So, I made the tres leches cake.  And I made it as a cake.  This is going to be a photo blog post.  Enjoy.

This is the recipe.  The part left out is the milk mixture.  When I show the picture of the milk mixture, I'll post those ingredients.  If you have any questions regarding the recipe, please ask.
Mr egg separator.  I love this this for separating my eggs.  Except for when the yolk slides through the holes and then I need a new cup and to start again.  Luckily I empty the cup each egg, so if I make a mistake, it's only one.

9 yolks, waiting to be whipped into shape.

9 whites in the bowl, ready to be whipped.
This is the stiff peaks stage, and the sugar has been added.  I love how glossy and white they were.
I love when egg yolks, by them self, get all thick and creamy and almost quadruple in size.
Putting both whipped eggs into a bowl, getting ready to bring them back together.
Here the eggs are back to being together.  I forgot the next picture step, but after this you put in the flour and gently fold it, making sure that you don't lose too much of the air you worked so hard to get into the eggs.
This is the finished batter, smoothed into a 13x9 cake pan.  I sprayed it with the flour spray for baking.  I love that stuff.
It comes out looking so nice, and at this point, a toothpick has come out clean.  I let it cool for about 20 minutes before I took it out of this pan and put it into another cake dish.  If you have a nice cake plate or something that it would fit on with room for the milk to leak around at first, use that.
Poke the cake with lots of holes to help with milk saturation.

Here is the milk portion that makes it a tres leches cake.  One can of sweetened condensed milk, one can of evaporated milk and one cup of whole milk.  I used the average sized cans you get normally at the store, and my total amount of liquid was 4 cups.  The recipe calls for vanilla at this stage, I don't have any vanilla (I used vanilla sugar in the egg whites to replace the vanilla that should have gone in the yolks.) so I used almond extract.  Which worked, really well.
This cake is very saturated.  You can see a little moisture around it, that actually gets soaked in to the cake as it sits.  At this point I stuck the cake into the freezer, because I didn't have the patience to wait for it to cool, because I wanted to try it, I wanted Bart to try it, and I got started late.
Here is the whipped cream.  I used 2 cups of heavy whipping cream and 1/4 cup of powdered sugar.  You can make it sweeter if you like, I liked it to not be too sweet.  This recipe seems like it would be sweet, but it's not, and a too sweet whipped cream would overpower the loveliness of the flavors.
Yes, I whip creamed the entire thing.  Yes, there are areas that are just whipped cream.  I am the only one who knows this, so I get all the whipped cream I want.
After cutting into it, you can see just a hint of moisture at the bottom of the pan.  This cake really did hold onto the milks.
You really can see how well this cake stood up to being saturated with the milk.  I think this cake is perfect for this kind of use.  I wouldn't use it for anything else.  It's dry and kind of bland, to be honest.  The milk transforms it into something else entirely.
So, I made it.  I'm not sure what I think.  It's not something I would find myself having to make all the time.  It was good, and I will eat this one, but unless someone asks for it specifically, I don't think I will make it again.  However, I heard from Bart, who has had it before, that this is a very very good replication.

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