Thursday, May 5, 2011

Playing with cupcakes

I have never eaten a tres leches cake.  I have always wanted to.  So, what do I figure I am going to do?  I'm going to try to make tres leches cupcakes.  I bought foil liners so that the milks won't make the wrapper soggy.  I found a recipe that seems easy and awesome and uses eggs, sugar, flour and vanilla.  That's it.  And then the milks.  And one of the cool things about this recipe is that you make whipped egg whites with the white and the sugar, then you make the yolks into that creamy yellow airy wonderfulness that you get when you beat them for a long time, you mix the eggs together with the flour and vanilla goes in there somewhere, and boom, you have cake.  I want to make it just for the simpleness of the cake.  Then, while it's still warm, you poke holes in it and pour in a combination of sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, and whole milk.  I wanted to try this with coconut milk, but the stores here, they are out.  Some problem with the distributor.  So, no coconut milk for me.

So, when I make this, I will post results, pictures, etc.

I am also making a cake for my son for his birthday.  I was just thinking about it, and wondering if I should do a cupcake for it instead of a cake, I think I'll ask him.  I asked him what he wanted and he told me chocolate.  Ok, chocolate is easy.  Then he told me he wanted chocolate dirt.  I love the fact that he is old enough that he knows I can do amazing things with food, so I told him ok, we'll make a chocolate dirt cake, with worms coming out of it.  At this, he looked at me strangely.  I told him gummy worms.  Not real ones.  So, I will take pictures and share that when I make it.

As I am doing his birthday tomorrow, I will be making my wonderful awesome bacon potato salad.  And my grandfathers pasta salad.  I don't even remember what my grandfathers potato salad tasted like, I remember it was awesome, it had a mayo/mustard base.  Mine has no mustard, and has bacon.  His had pickles. The pasta salad is his though.  This one I remember.  I will be writing about those too.  We are also having hot dogs and hamburgers.

Then, it's cupcakes for our trip, yum, because we leave for Disneyland next Thursday.  Very excited. 

So, that's where I am now.

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