Thursday, February 24, 2011

The beginning

When I first found blogging, I was looking for people who had the same troubles as me.  By that I mean people who couldn't seem to keep a baby alive inside them long enough to make it.  I found a great community, and a voice, and wrote through the birth of my son, my divorce, and the birth of my daughter.  I wrote the good, the bad and the ugly, and it felt good.  Then one day, I lost my voice.  I wasn't the person I was, who needed people to talk to to deal with the miscarriages.

Today it is different.  I have my kids, I am back together with my ex-husband, I've been going to school for elementary education for 2 years now.  So, what changed, what made me want to find a voice again?

I am about to embark on a very scary journey.  I changed my major to culinary arts.  I am going to try to get into the program here at our culinary college.  What started me on this new path was my friend asking me to cater her wedding.  It started with just the cupcakes, and ended up the whole shebang. 

Since then, I have been testing out recipes for all the dishes we will serve at her buffet, and have been playing with cupcakes.  I have made so many cupcakes that I think my entire neighborhood is sick of them.  It has been a blast though, and I can see myself one day opening a little shop.

So, what made me want to write again?  I wanted a clean space, one not cluttered by divorce, or infertility, or really, any negativity.  I'm keeping my old blog, and that is where you will hear me rage and vent when it comes to personal things.  Here, I want to keep it light, fun, about food.  About going through the process to be the me everyone expected me to be, and were surprised I didn't go after before.

So hello, and I hope this is the start to a wonderful new chapter.


  1. I am so proud of you my witchy soul sister!!! Let me know if you have any question for the business side of things, from what I have been told, it's rather similar to photography.

  2. Thank you. That's one of the reasons I started this, to get advise, to be able to ask questions, etc. Now I just need to hire a photographer who wouldn't mind being paid in cupcakes to show me how to get the best shots with my not so good camera.

  3. As per you "to be the me everyone expected me to be" It does not matter what we expect of you, It matters what you expect of yourself. We will be right behind you through your journey cheering you on through the tough times and the Grand achievements you make and or have. We will be there to taste test your food, and give you Positive criticism. Good Luck on your journey.


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