Thursday, August 11, 2011

CSA box

Yeah, its been a while, sorry.  Summer came up on me, and I kind of have been blogging somewhere else while I have been talking about things I don't talk about here, like trying to have a baby.  Not pregnant yet, but I will mention it when it happens.

So, we started getting CSA boxes lately.  It's neat having a share in a community farm.  We get to go to their harvest festival in October for the kids to get pumpkins, we get an interesting selection of fresh fruits and veggies that change with the weeks and what is ready for harvest.

So, I took some pictures of this weeks box.

The kids, Bart and I ate the strawberries on the way home, so they didn't make the pictures.  The kids ate most of the carrots, and the guinea pigs loved the tops.  I had no clue what to do with the eggplant and it also went to the guinea pigs.  If we get more next week, I plan on trying something with it, but I was afraid of it this week.  The squash I sauteed with butter and the fresh garlic.  With two of the tomatoes.  We ate that tonight.  The blueberries we ate as is, all today.  The basil I made into pesto that went into a pasta dish last night and into the freezer. 

My favorite part of the box was the lettuce, cucumber and tomato.  I cut them all up, and then tossed them with the left over crab from Tuesday (more on that in a minute) and then I made a crab louie salad.  I wish I measured the dressing ingredients so I could share them, but I just kind of tossed them in a bowl in amounts that looked right.  I used mayo, cocktail sauce, ketchup, and sweet relish.  The salad was wonderful, but eggs would have made it a bit better.

So, the crabs.  We live in Oregon.  We live an hour and a half from the coast.  This makes going for a day trip crabbing easy.  The beginning of August is a great time for crabbing.  We caught 26 dungeness crabs.  All over 6 inches.  That is a great haul.  To be able to catch crabs out here, you have to have a shellfish license, which costs 7 dollars.  Then you have to buy a few pots and some bait.  We did all this last year, so our crabs only cost gas money.  YAY.

Here are a few crabby pictures.

After cooking


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