Monday, February 28, 2011

Pepperoni Pizza's

One of my easy go to meals for the kids is mini pepperoni pizza's on english muffins.  The kids get whatever they want on them, and they love the small size.

It's actually one of my all time lazy meals, since the sauce is store bought, the cheese is pre-shredded and of course, the pepperoni comes in a bag.  Whatever, it's decent food for the tired times.  This was lunch yesterday.  It was a pizza day.  We had left over pizza pasta from two days before as well.  That was a fun dish, I got some neato noodles, cooked them, chopped up some pepperoni, used my favorite pizza sauce as a base, stirred in a cup of cottage cheese, a couple handfuls of mozzarella and stirred it all together and popped it in the oven.  The kids ate seconds even.  It will be a new go to recipe here.

We had company over, Aiden had a play date and slumber party, so breakfast was cinnamon rolls.  Which came out of my freezer.  I prefer them from scratch, no offense to the people who make the frozen rolls. 

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