Friday, March 18, 2011


Wow, time flies during finals week.  I think I did well on my finals, except for Math.  I failed math.  I am now going to be on financial aid probation, but all I need to fix that is get good grades next term.  I'm kinda taking classes for going into the culinary field, and kinda not.  I am taking nutrition, which is important, business, which I need if I am going to open my own business, it should help, right?  And World Archeology, which I am taking because its the last class done by a teacher I love.  She does one class a term, and she has been fighting to get this class added, and she did, so I'm excited to be taking it.  I was going to take it online, like the rest of my classes, until I realized that she is teaching it, and then it was all about doing it in person.

So, food for the week.  It has been good and bad.  As I wrote on on Monday, we had chicken and dumplings, and that was awesome.  Tuesday I made chili.  I made awesome chili.  It was so good I ate 4 bowls the day I made it, and another bowl the next night for dinner.  Which meant that Wednesdays dinner for the kids was simple, I let them pic it, and they had ramen noodles and green beans.  Last night I made a really yummy taco noodle bake.

I was thinking about this site, and the fact that it would probably do a lot better traffic wise if I posted actual recipes, and more pictures.  I'm trying to work on the point by point pictures, but the recipes, they are hard to do.  I'll explain with my chili.

Fry one pound of hamburger, liberally sprinkled with chili seasoning and a but of cumin and cayenne extra.
Add it to crockpot.  Dump in two cans of kidney beans, rinsed, one can of black beans, rinsed.  Dump in one small can of tomato paste, two cans of diced tomatoes with chillies.  Add about 1/4 cup of chili seasoning.  I buy it in bulk at Costco, and I just add it until I like the flavor.  Cook in the crockpot on low 10 hours, or if you are in a hurry, like I was on high for 4.  About 2 hours in dump in 2 cans of drained corn.  About an hour before serving, mix 1/2 cup of cornmeal with water, and then mix it in to chili.  Yes, it seems like a lot, but I like when it thickens the chili, and gives it a bit of that crumpled cornbread flavor to it, without the cornbread, which I had forgotten to make.  That's it, serve it.

This would have looked better had we not taken 4 servings out already.

I should have taken the picture before cheesing it up.  It was awesome.

I guess all measurements are there, except for seasoning.  I guess I just feel like I toss things in, and hope they all taste good.  because I don't measure perfectly on my savory foods, my family complains because they don't get it the same way twice.  This week one of my assignments for my self is to take all of my recipes I have shoved in different places in my kitchen, and put them together, and then start trying to share recipes.  Measure what I normally don't measure.

So, want more actual recipes?

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