Friday, March 11, 2011

Chai cupcakes

I remade the chai cupcakes.  I made them non-vegan, and they tasted great, a little muffin like is what iw as told by one of my many tasters, but still really good.  I made a great swiss meringue butter cream, with hints of fresh cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom in it.  It was really really good, and held up awesomely.

I am so excited about the idea of getting going, and cooking and selling it.  I still need to talk to the churches around here and see if any of them will rent out their kitchen, and then I need to put the money together to get all my licenses, and I need to get my name down as a business.  So no one else can.

Finals week is coming, so I might not write as much either.


  1. YUM! Could totally go for one of these with my morning coffee :)
    Stopped over from Good Friends Just Click Blog Hop and glad I did. Have a good one!

  2. Thanks for joining GFJC- I'm a follower!!


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