Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Healthy foods

I am so glad that I am not a popular blogger.  That I don't have page hits that rank up in the hundreds or more.  That I don't have people coming here, to tell me how I am doing it wrong.

I feel sorry for those who write for a living, who put out blogs that are meant to be humorous, and to put it out there that this is life, this is life if you have kids, and it's not perfect.  I read an article on The Stir today, by someone who's personal blog I read as well, and that's when I realized I am glad not to be her.  The article is here.

Did you go, did you read it?  Did you read the comments?  Did you realize that waffles are not snacks?

In our house, I would be happy if waffles worked as snacks.  That would be easy. 

I have one child who won't eat anything if it looks healthy.  Except shrimp.  And crab, he would live off those.  If it a veggie, no way.  Sometimes I can get a fruit in him.  And I remember, when he was little, bragging about how great he ate.  How he ate everything I put in front of him, how he wasn't picky.  Now it is mac and cheese, hot dogs, little smokies, chicken nuggets, ketchup.  I put food in front of him, and if it isn't on his approved list, he won't eat.  He will chose to go hungry instead.  Yet he is still my easy eater.

My daughter wants goldfish and ramen.  And potato chips.  And hummus.  And shrimp.  And avocado.  Mostly though, she won't touch a bite on her plate.  She only wants what on my plate.  And if I give her food off my plate onto her plate, its not good enough, it must be coming straight from my plate to her mouth.  Alos, she won't eat bread.  Or cereal.  I can't even make her a PB&J when I am feeling lazy.

I would not want anyone judging me on what my kids eat.  I know that tomorrow they will probably eat something different than they ate today.  Tonight I am making chicken fajitas.  And my daughter will eat everything but the tortilla.  And my son, none of it.  I will have to make refried beans so he can have a bean burrito, no cheese, no sour cream, and mom, where is the cole slaw.

Yet I have no fears that they will be great eaters as they get older.  I see the moms and other commenters who put people down for what their kids eat.  And I realize that for some reason, no one else seems to read the information that exists out there that says that kids will be picky.  It's almost a developmental milestone.

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