Thursday, June 9, 2011

Change in plans

Well, there have been some changes in plans.  My financial aid, it turns out, does not cover the classes for the bakery certificate program.  So, I am going for my associate of science, and I think the specialty I'm going with will be administrative officer.  I do really good office work, and I have most of what is needed for the degree.  There are a lot of business classes involved, and accounting, so I will be able to get a decent job until I get the cupcake thing off the ground.  There are other financial aid issues as well, such as losing my spring grants, but I don't want to deal with that now.

Speaking of the cupcake thing, I have the application for the growers market in town, and they let me know they would be happy to have me there.  All I have to do is have a certified kitchen, no business license, and I'm probably going to use a local church here for the kitchen.  The one I am hoping to use, I have a few problems with, mostly that they won't let me know if I can use it until I go to church, and they want me to go to church on Sunday's there.  Which I will do, kind of, but it's hard for me, since it's not my faith.  I don't mind my kids learning about Christianity, so I guess it could be a win win situation, my kids learn about other religions, and I get a certified kitchen.

So.  That's where I am.  Oh, and I need a new car, and I plan on buying a better car, no more of these $600 hope they last a year cars.  They cost too much in the end.  So, new car, pay bills, get cupcake business going, have my stepkids, at least 2 of them for 2 weeks, go camping at least 4-5 times, and take 14 credits.  Summer is going to be busy.

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