Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shake your booty dinner

One of my kitchen secrets that i don't often admit to is that I love shake and bake.  And what is funny is I was thinking about commercials, and in my head, the shake and bake commercial got all messed up with the chicken tonight ads from ragu.  Anyhow, that's not here nor there, I still love shake and bake.

My favorite is the BBQ chicken, and I always add a cup of brown sugar and only use chicken legs, but it makes a meal my whole family loves.  We've used the regular chicken, and the original pork, which we actually like to use on small pork tenderloins.

One of the things I love about making shake and bake is my kids get involved.  They shake the heck out of the bag, and it all started with Ciera, when she had her turn at shaking, she starting singing shake your booty shake your booty, and she shook her little behind while she was shaking the bag.  So then we all shook it that way, and now when I make shake and bake we call it booty shaking chicken, or pork, or whatever we are making.  And they eat it better than plain chicken.

Tonight we had shake your booty BBQ chicken legs.

This is the chicken before baking it

This is after it's cooked and after we ate some of it  
I wish this had been one of the evenings where I had the kids shake it so I could get pictures of them shaking, but they were at a pool party when I had to make dinner.

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